Top 10 Computer Repairing Blog

System computer repairing Center have computer repairing news that provide to the public.

and here is System Computer Repairing Center suggest computer news blog to our customer. you can see it for the reference.


1. PCTechBytes

This comprehensive site offers computer repair and troubleshooting advice on everything from using remote desktops to how to deal with liquid spills on your laptop. If you’ve got a question that’s not answered on the blog, just post it in their free forums to get help from the community.

2. How-To Geek

The How-To Geek features a huge compendium of tips to keep your computer – not to mention your smart phone, your Web browser and your operating system – running smoothly. Learn how to extend your iPad’s battery life, use Google to search a single website and much more.

3. Computer Repair & Maintenance

This blog bills itself as ‘your ONE source for everything computers,’ and that’s a pretty accurate description. Learn how to build a home network, stop spyware and wipe your old hard drive. There are even reviews of the latest and greatest Macs and PCs for people considering a new purchase.

4. Ars Technica Guides

Most people know that Ars Technica is the go-to site for news and reviews on all things techie. But did you know they also publish useful tips lists and how-to guides? Visit the link above to check out their ‘guides’ category and learn how to improve your Android device, make the most of HD TV and read up on the latest gizmos and gadgets for your computer and home entertainment needs.

5. Lifehacker

Lifehacker covers a lot more than computer repair. As the name implies, this Gawker blog offers useful ‘hacks’ for just about anything in modern life. Of course, that includes the personal computer. Click the link above to get Life Hacker’s top ten list of computer fixes and upgrades, or just peruse the main site to learn how to boost productivity or fix your smart phone.

tech support

6. Support Nerds

The Support Nerds are a tech support company that offers free tips and tricks on their blog. Learn how to remove viruses, fix Outlook and more. You can also call them directly for serious technical issues.

7. IT Support

PhillipsTaylorBrown, a company that builds computer networks, offers useful tech info and troubleshooting tips for businesses on their news blog. Learn about the latest Windows patches, critical flaw fixes and other tools for keeping your business network safe and functional.

8. fixed4free

More of a forum than a blog, fixed4free offers free repair advice on just about everything. Search their comprehensive database for information, or post your question to the site and get free – and helpful – answers relatively quickly. The computer category covers a wide berth of topics from scanners to desktop PCs.

9. Defensive Computing

Learn all about computer security from Defensive Computing, a blog by Michael Horowitz hosted on Computer World. Horowitz covers everything from backing up your files to protecting your passwords and staying virus-free.

10. The Computer Repair Blog

Also hosted by Computer World, David Milman’s Computer Repair Blog takes a broader approach to computer troubleshooting and security. Learn how to fight spam, stay safe while shopping online and keep kids secure in a digital world.



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